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The pilgrimage of Umrah is glorifying and soul cleansing Islamic ritual which can be undertaken at any time of the year without obligation. A large population of Pakistanis travels each month to perform Umrah to attain closeness to Him and show sincerity to His governance. Read how to apply for E visa in Pakistan. Now to pilgrims can check status of Umrah visa online through their passport numbers. Earlier the pilgrims used to wait for their passports to return from Embassies to know about visa attainment but now they can track the Umrah visa application process through Umrah E Services Portal of Saudi Government Hajj and Umrah Website.

Check Visa Status of Umrah Online:

To check Umrah visa Pakistan, the Pakistani nationals can visit the Umrah E Services Portal of Saudi Government Hajj and Umrah Website. Saudi government has initiated online visa e portal service which allows all nationalities to check umrah visa status. Here is step by step guide to check your visa status online.
  1. Visit Hajj and Umrah Website of Saudi Government.
  2. Visit visa fee and package inquiry page of the website
  3. Create an inquiry through entering your passport number, image code and nationality in the required fields. Once you have entered the required information press the submit button to get online Umrah Visa status. 
  4. If your application for umrah visa has not been received by Saudi Embassy yet, your search result will show message stating; ‘No Umrah Visa Request Available’.
  5. Note: Here the screen will show whether you have to pay Umrah Visa fee of SAR, 2,000 or not. The search results will show statement of: Not Required to Make Payment for Umrah Visa’. 
  6. If the Saudi Embassy has received your Umrah Application then your search result will show a message stating; ‘ The Umrah Visa Request Sent to the Embassy’. The same aforementioned statement will appear if your Umrah visa has been stamped on your passport but along with Umrah Package deals. 
  7. Thats how you can get verification of your Umrah visa and check its status online easily. 
  8. After your return from Umrah Pilgrim, the same inquiry will read message of ‘Exit from the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. 

Umrah Packages Pakistan 2019:

The Umrah E services were initiated in wake of numerous complaints by pilgrims about scam agents. The pilgrims did not have access to status of their visa earlier and the agents used to take twice amount from them as Umrah visa fee 2019 and sometimes despite paying the amount the pilgrims did not even get visa. Now through Umrah e services, Pakistani pilgrims can get umrah packages, contact authorized travel agents and Umrah operators in Pakistan. The pilgrims cannot be misled by the scam agents anymore as online services allow them to access the visa status easily. Moreover, through this service you can book hotels, transportations plan and avoid every difficulty during stay in Saudi Arabia. 

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