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Government wants more foreign tourists to Pakistan. But problem is that we still are not ready to handle more tourists
In last few years, Pakistan has emerged as a safe and secure travel destination globally. In 2019, the world’s leading and renowned entertainment and travel magazine Forbes ranked Pakistan among 10 coolest places to go to in 2019. The general phobia and feigned extremist image of Pakistan in west seems to be fading away and the real amiable and welcoming face of Pakistan is prevailing. The steadfast and unwavering efforts of Pakistani Government are to be appreciated in this regard; the new policies and investments in tourism sector of Pakistan by Government have played a vital role in emitting this genuine cordial image internationally. But despite that, there are many issues to be resolved and many loopholes to be filled by Pakistan’s Government to make Pakistan a central and leading travel destination of Asia. The problems which Pakistani Government still has to resolve before welcoming tourist influx are discussed in this article.

The Infrastructure:

There is no doubt the striking beauty and awesome and scenic views of Pakistan’s northern areas namely; Hunza, Shigar and Khaplu. But the roads to such places are necessarily safe for travelling. There is lack of top rated hotels in Pakistan and restaurants that can host a large number of travelers from around the globe. Visit Hunza valley the roof of Pakistan.

Security Issues:

We cannot assuredly take responsibility of well being of our foreign tourists still yet. It is no hidden truth; there are cases of kidnappings, adduction, theft and harassment recorded in the past and present in Pakistan. The travelers are on own their and in case of any unfortunate incident; their Embassies mostly resolve the problem instead of Pakistan’s own law enforcement agencies.

Perseverance of Historical Sites:

Pakistan has plenty of historical and ancient sites such Ranikot Fort, Katas Raj Temples, Hiran Minar, Makli Necropolis and Mohenjo-Daro.These sites have not been preserved from decaying and there are no effective policies by Government to hire tourist guides that can take tourists for survey of these historical sites and explain its importance and historical impact. Take a list of travel guide in Pakistan.

Hotel Management:

Although we do have top rated hotel chains such as Serena Hotels and Pearl Continental in Pakistan but we are way behind in our hotels and guest housing sector. There is lack of facilities, inflexibility in rates, incompetent and unprofessional services, hospitality and communication issues and the overall attributes attached to a good hotel are just not there in Pakistan. The problem is deep rooted, stemming from limited interest of youth in hotel management education, less to no availability of hotel management related courses and Government’s attention to this underlying deficit causing failure to Pakistan’s tourism sector is nearly zero. 

Political and Social Uncertainty:

Pakistan’s unstable political and social condition is being telecasted in international channels worldwide. The social upheaval due to extremism, mass killings, religious intolerance, illiteracy and crimes is vivid in Pakistan. It is such a huge issue which causes foreigners to withhold themselves from visiting a chronically chaotic place for rejuvenation and recreation purpose. We as civilians of Pakistan are unsure and uncertain about what next day might bring and what the headline in new paper will be so how can we expect that foreigners are not intimidated by these issues.

The Guardians of Tourism in Pakistan:

There is need to introduce tourist friendly policies and look at this problem as a whole. The guardians of Pakistan’s tourist sector have to be considerate about the departments and labor class involved to it. There is need to make investments and provide economical stability to tourist agents and labor classes so that they can perform their responsibilities well and go on to provide better services. Things to keep in your bag while traveling to Pakistan.

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