Expatriates Concerned as Airfares Fluctuate Amidst Rising Petroleum Costs

Islamabad, September 2023 – Pakistan International Airlines (PIA), Air Blue, and Saudi Airlines, among other carriers, have recently recalibrated their ticket prices for flights from Lahore and Jeddah in response to the substantial surge in petroleum prices approved by the federal government for the first half of September 2023. This adjustment in airfares has stirred concern among the large population of Pakistanis who frequently travel to Jeddah due to job commitments and businesses in the Kingdom, which currently accommodates an estimated 2.64 million Pakistani workers.

Competitive Rates Offered by PIA, Air Blue, and Saudi Airlines for the Jeddah-bound Travelers

In light of the fluctuating fuel costs, both the national carrier, PIA, and private airlines operating in Pakistan have revised their prices for this popular route. For Pakistani expatriates returning to Saudi Arabia in September 2023, ticket prices for Lahore to Jeddah flights now range from Rs83,930 to Rs147,930, contingent upon the passengers' chosen travel dates.

Air Blue, one of the prominent carriers on this route, is currently offering the lowest ticket fare at Rs85,522, providing a competitive option for travelers. Meanwhile, Saudi Airlines has introduced a fare for Lahore to Jeddah flights as low as Rs124,490, aiming to cater to the diverse range of budget-conscious passengers seeking affordable travel options.

The adjustments in ticket prices by these airlines reflect the challenging dynamics influenced by fluctuating fuel prices, underscoring the need for travelers to carefully plan and select their travel dates to secure the most favorable fares for their journey between Lahore and Jeddah.