PIA Resumes Commercial Operations for China

08-Jun-2022 237

CAAC or Civil Aviation Administration China has given permission to PIA (Pakistan International Airlines to continue the operations of its commercial passenger airline flights for Xian city (China). Book flights for China.

PIA Resumes Commercial Operations for China:

PIA (Pakistan International Airlines) has resumed its flights and commercial operations for the route of Islamabad to Xi’an to Beijing air route from June 4, 2022, as stated by operation head Mr. Qadir Bux Sangi (Beijing head of operations). 
The Pakistan national flight carrier (PIA) has obtained and secured relevant operation permission from the concerned authorities to operate their flights, as stated by Mr. Sangi (Beijing head of operations).
PIA (Pakistan International Airlines) will be operating Boeing 777 commercial flights from Islamabad towards Beijing through Xi’an through PK854 and PK855 airline commercial carriers.  
Recently, there was a meeting held by Pakistan Foreign Minister Mr. Bilawal Bhutto Zardari and the Foreign Minister of China Mr. Wang. They discussed and agreed to the resumption of direct air flights between Pakistan and China handled by PIA airlines. 

Increased PIA flights to China:

The Foreign Minister Pakistan, Mr. Bilawal Bhutto Zardari, and Foreign Minister China, Mr. Wang, also agreed to increase the frequency of the number of direct flights between Pakistan and China in regard to the development and progress of the pandemic situation. 
PIA (Pakistan International Airlines) had stopped its flights operating between China and Pakistan since December 18 after Xi’an airport was closed down to prevent and control the pandemic spread by Chinese local authorities. 

Opportunity for Students to continue studies in China:

Pakistan Serene Air has shown interest for starting operations for passenger flights from China.  The resumption of PIA commercial services is a welcome initiative that will be remarkably appreciated by the business community and students who wish to resume their studies program that was suspended due to the development and spread of the pandemic.

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