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Maldives is a dream destinations a quick guide to your first trip to Maldives from Pakistan


Maldives is definitely another name of a dream destination. Once when you are going to visit it, there is no way you are ever going to regret it. This beautiful spot is a desert island, which is surrounded by dazzling white sands. Not only this, but you will also happen to see coconut palms.
This beautiful destination is known for its crystalline water with amazing shades of blue. Just imagine having your dinner in full moon with seawater splashing on your toes, wouldn’t it sound like a fairytale? If yes so, let’s elaborate much more on this dream destination. Read how to get free Maldives visa from Pakistan.
You will love to experience there the warmth of the sun, winds coming straight from the sea flipping your hairs. This is also called “the sea of stars”. Let’s see how many tour packages for Maldives we have of this magical place for couples.

Maldives Tour Package for the Couples:

There are a variety of Maldives packages of tour, with different prices and amazing discount. Budget trip to the Maldives from Pakistan will vary as it includes different departure and arrival spots; also currency different.
The Maldives - Bandos Resorts with Flexi Flights, this packages are for 3 Nights / 4 Days in only Rs. 125000.
  Maldives - Hotel Arena Beach this package is for 5 Nights / 6 Days for only Rs. 201600
  Maldives - Embudu Village this package is for 4 Nights / 5 Days for only Rs. 111000
  Maldives - Adaaran Club Ranhali this package is for 6 Nights / 7 Days for only Rs. 160000

Maldives Honeymoon Package for 7 days:

You want to have a romantic escape for a honeymoon vacation with your beloved partner by visiting this dream destination. This place will help you to experience new things with your partner like relaxing on white sand and engaging in thrilling water.
There are also sports activities, which includes deep-sea diving, windsurfing, kayaking, snorkelling, fishing and much more. Going to the Maldives means having fun with a lot of joy. You can spend a romantic date at the beach or play exciting games at the hotel. If we say in a whole so it means that the Maldives helps to create moments that will be cherished for a lifetime.

 7 days Packages for Maldives from Pakistan:

It offers delicious breakfast, lunch, and dinner which are full of aromas and taste.
You will also get an offer of Round Seaplane or domestic + Speed boat, which will help you to transfer safely to and fro from the airport and resort.
You will also get Enjoy Honeymoon Perks like amazing tropical fruit basket on arrival, beautiful bed decoration from Reethi Garden Flowers, a special beautiful candlelit dinner with a menu of your wish and a bottle of wine, 
You will also get discounts at the Jewelry Shop, Couple’s Sunset Sailing, and a Romantic Island Photoshoot, no doubt this all will make your trip amazing.
2. There are also Room Categories:
For you Maldives offers:
Superior Beach Bungalow: this is situated behind the beach tree line. The Superior beach bungalow gives the best tropical luxury .you will get to have a view of the sun, sea, and the sand.
Sunset Beach Villa: Lounge in the early evening sun on your private seashore Cabana while your friends and family appreciate the private pool at the Beach Pool Villas of Paradise Island Resort.
Water Villa: The semi-separate Water Villa is Paradise Island Resort's definitive convenience in solace and relaxation. The wonderful Water manors are splendid, extensive, and lavishly designated.
Jacuzzi Water Villa: Paradise Island resort offers a region of sheltered Maldives villas that love extensive ocean views and a host of superb treats.
Deluxe Beach Pool Villa - The villa deals with modern and recent design and facilities with a view of the charming lagoons, a diverse Maldivian experience.
Two Bedroom Ocean Suite: the Ocean Suite at Paradise Island deals with an accurately unique experience for a family.
Lagoon Suite - The Haven Suite at Paradise Island Resort is actually a wonderful retreat in the gorgeous lagoon with an isolated pool, sundeck, and Jacuzzi.

Maldives Trip Cost for a Couple from Karachi:

A trip to the Maldives for two people can cost up to MVR51,775 ($3,351) for one week or 7 Pakistani currency, it will be 523609.30 PKR. Not only this you will get to have a lot of different Maldives tour itinerary at different prices.

Pakistan to Maldives Tour Package 2021:

There are a lot of Maldives tour packages 2021 from Pakistan that provides you. So let’s see which they are:
7 days and 6 nights Maldives package from Karachi in only 160000 PKR. You can call it a honeymoon package. The Maldives is otherwise called a position of sentiment as a result of the most heartfelt spots of Maldives. You can go for your wedding trip visit/action in the Maldives also to offer the best blessing to your accomplice.
5 days trip package from Karachi to Maldives in only 111000 PKR.
6 days tour from Pakistan to Maldives in only 201600 PKR.
Maldives is no doubt a dream destination for many visitors. With the incredible turquoise waters adjacent points of bright green islands, Maldives is unquestionably heaven for the beach bummers. This incredible destination has seashores or beaches with sparkling white sand.
Tourism is one of the greatest important sources of income here and about 80 islands have comfortable tourist resorts devoted only for appealing tourism. If you are planning your vacation in the Maldives so trips. pk can be one of the Maldives tour operators. We are here to serve you with the best rates and choices.

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