Pakistan Government has announced Hajj policy 2022 with subsidy

01-Jun-2022 478

The minister of Islamic affairs Mr. Mufti Abdul Shakoor has stated in recent press release that Hajj is an important Islamic obligatory act and has resumed after two year hiatus with reduced international Hajj Quota for which he is thankful for the Haramein Shariefain. Book private Hajj package.

Hajj 2022 resumes after two year haitus:

The minister of Islamic affairs further stated that after two year hiatus Pakistan Hajj Quota is 81,210 and this Hajj is being carried out in unordinary circumstances as there was delay from the Saudi government regarding information for mandatory expenses for Hajj but Ministry of Islamic affairs has saved precious time and had for accepting Hajj applications along with Rs. 50,000 token for which they deserve applause. 

Hajj Package Cost:

The minister of Islamic affairs Mr. Mufti Abdul Shakoor also brought to light that due to the recent devaluation of Pakistan rupee against dollar the previous government had made Hajj package very expensive and had they not intervened then package of Hajj would have gone upto 11 lac rupees. He further stated that they had arranged for Hajj package to cost Rs. 800,387/- for North region and Rs. 791,337/- for South region as these included the cost of qurbani and Hajj packages have mandatory 51% hajj expenses included. 

Hajj Package 2022 Subsidy: 

 The minister of Islamic affairs further stated that they have to minimize the cost of Hajj expenses for which he is thankful to the federal cabinet including Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif as they had approved subsidy support of Rs. 150,000. 
He further stated the Prime minister and their cabinet had announced Rs. 150,00 support price due to which the Hajj package had been reduced to Rs. 6,64,807/- and with qurbani Rs.7,10,178/- and that they first Hajj flight under the Road to Makkah project will initiate and fly on 6th June 2022.

Hajj Package 2022 Initiatives:

The minister of Islamic affairs Mr. Mufti Abdul Shakoor further stated that their ministry had arranged for cheap residential buildings, food saving initiatives, three time meal for Hajj pilgrims in 27 Riyal and also arranged for nearest possible residence near Haram. 
The minister further stated they had completed six months work in one month as Hajj pilgrims are satisfied and the ministry workers, banks and air lines are working is satisfactory as under the Road to Makkah project the first Hajj flight notification will be forwarded through SMS and website to Hajj pilgrims. 

Hajj Package 2022 Quota:

He further announced that total 810 Hajj helpers are also going as their visas are given by Saudi ministry which include seasonal staff, khadim hajj among others.
The minister of Islamic affairs answered a question and explained that in the previous two year lucky draw those had failed their numbers had increased more than allowed quota for which they were worried and have been in talks with the Saudi Government.  
The minister in another question answer had stated that Saudi Arabia had initiated Hajj in difficult times and for that they are thankful as Saudi Arabia’s ambassadors office had confirmed that they will issue Hajj visa’s on time. 
He further stated that Hajj Subsidiary is Halal and that Daral aloom has given fatwa for Indian Hajj operation that Hajj pilgrims can be provided facility as Rasool allah had given Qurbani for 700 people. 

Hajj Package 2022 Duration:

The minister of Islamic affairs answered another question related to shortage of Hajj duration that Hajj duration could be reduced as many Hajji get angry for this as they want to spend more and more time in the house of Allah almighty (Kabbah) and the Holy Mosque. He further said that those Hajj pilgrims who are taking their family members along with them must afford their own expenses. 

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