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Improving Security Situation in Pakistan Is A Way to Promote Tourism in Pakistan, Said the UK Travel Advisor

By keeping in view the improving security situations in Pakistan the UK has changed its advice about traveling to Pakistan. The announcement from the UK has revealed that Pakistan’s improving security system is the way to promote the values of tourism in Pakistan. It is an update coming to see from Pakistan’s side which has never seen since 2015. Over these five years, the security system is getting improved day after day.

What Consequences Came To See by This Improving Security System?

It was the improving security system by which the British airways return back to Pakistan in June 2019 to make the visit of Duke and Duchess to Pakistan possible in October 2019. Moreover, through the improving security situation it has also become possible to visit the northern areas of Pakistan, such as Kalash and Bamborat valleys, by road. 

Dr Christian Turner, British High Commissioner to Pakistan Said:

Dr Christian Turner shared his experience of travelling in Pakistan in December 2019. He appreciated the improving security system by the government of Pakistan. He also addressed the British nationals to see what Pakistan offers to the tourists.Read More About Bristish High Commission Tour to Malam Jabba Ski Resort.

Benefits of Security Situation in Future:

If the government of Pakistan goes with the same security situation and also tries to add further improvements in the security situation than it would be the positive gesture to promote the tourism in Pakistan. In future not only British but the tourists throughout the world would appreciate the tourism in Pakistan and this will offer Pakistan a good and worthy economic condition in return.Check our Best tour Packages to Malam Jabba.

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