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Saudi Arabia New Vaccine Conditions Bring Pakistani Travellers In A Trouble


The new vaccination conditions applied by the government of Saudi Arabia bring Pakistani travelers, who are aspired to travel to Saudi Arabia, in a trouble. According to the new vaccination conditions, the Kingdom does not include the passengers in the safe list who are vaccinated by the vaccines manufactured by the Chinese pharmaceutical companies. Best travel agents for Saudi Arabia visa.
Pakistan started vaccinating people on February 2 after receiving the first batch of Sinopharm vaccine. In the first phase, all the frontline healthcare workers were subjected to be vaccinated. After this, all the old aged or the above than 60 or 50 years of age were vaccinated. The campaign is getting extended and soon the citizens under the age of 40 will be vaccinated with the Sinopharm vaccine. The Sinopharm vaccine is developed by a state-run pharmaceutical company in China. The Sinopharm vaccine has shown to be 79% effective.   

Recommended Vaccines To Travel To Saudi Arabia :

According to the Saudi government, the vaccines that are recommended are comprised of Pfizer, Oxford, Moderna, and Johnson and Johnson's coronavirus vaccines. The following is the further details of these recommended vaccines:  
       Johnson and Johnson vaccine       74%
       Pfizer Vaccine          91.3% to 100% (based on different trials)
Moderna  91.1%
Oxford  85% to 90% (based on different trials)


For all other details regarding these manufacturers or vaccines, users are advised to contact their officials and they will guide you properly. 

Conditions For Travelers Who Are Vaccinated From Chinese Manufacturers :

It has been decided that the passengers with not the recommended vaccines will have to undergo a compulsory quarantine period after reaching Saudi Arabia. The passengers will have to bear the cost of the quarantine period on their own. It has also been decided that the proposed conditions will be implemented from May 20th, 2021. However, some other conditions may also be applied to the passengers who will be found with the vaccinations other than the recommended ones. 

Get All Other Updates On Traveling To Saudi Arabia:

For the current situation, the Pakistani passengers are advised to be vaccinated from the recommended manufacturers if they want to travel to Saudi Arabia. Otherwise, they have to go through the quarantine period that may be costly for them. However, for all other updates regarding the Covid-19 vaccination recommendations and the traveling restrictions or permissions to Saudi Arabia all the travelers are advised to keep in touch with us and we will bring all the latest updates for them once after the final approvals by the authorities. 

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