Saudi Arabia Visa From Pakistan

Visa Type Processing Time Fee Apply
UMRAH VISA 90 Working Days PKR 930 APPLY NOW
6 month visa 182 Working Days PKR 80,000 APPLY NOW
1 year 365 Working Days PKR 150,000 APPLY NOW
Three Months Visit Visa 90 Working Days PKR 80,000 APPLY NOW
Three Months Visit Visa 90 Working Days PKR 33,050 APPLY NOW
6 month visa 180 Working Days PKR 47,210 APPLY NOW
1 year 365 Working Days PKR 71,000 APPLY NOW
Visit Visa 0 Working Days PKR 3,000 APPLY NOW
Ramzan Umrah Visa 30 Working Days PKR 8,999 APPLY NOW

More Details

Saudi Arabia has the most diverse landscape and contains ancient cities and vast deserts. Every year thousands of visitors travel to Saudi Arabia for a number of reasons. It is the top-visited destination for the Muslims as they visit the holy cities of Mecca, Medina to offer Umrah and Hajj.

1. Quick Facts about Saudi Arabia:

  1. Visa Required: Yes
  2. Popular Visa types:  Business Visa, Employee Visa, Tourist Visa, and Umrah\ Hajj Visa
  3. Visa Processing Time: 5 Working  Days
  4. Apply for Visa: Yes
  5. Visa Fee: 1500 SAR according to Visa conditions
  6. Travel Insurance: Yes



2. How can I get Saudi Arabia Visa from Pakistan?

Criteria to get Saudi Visa depends upon the nature of the Visa that you are going to get for yourself. If you are aiming to get Umrah Visa then you can book a full visit that includes your accommodations stay and guide of the spots that you need to see while you are there but Umrah Package from without knowing Visa fee is not that much of a good idea if you are a first-time part of the visit companies offers exceptional umrah visa package visits, but it will cost you more. But for other Visa application, the process is different.To apply for a Saudi Arabia Visa from Pakistan you guys have to first Login on the website of the Saudi embassy. 
  1. First, you have to login your self into the official website to get Saudi Visa
  2. Click on the Schedule Appointment and Select your Country
  3. Select Embassy Saudi Arabia and Select Visa Type you want to get.
  4. Enter all information and print out the application form and take this application with you to the embassy.
  5. It is mandatory that all the information should be added in Capital letters when filling up the form. This will help your application to proceed in a timely manner. 
  6. Carry all the documents on the day of appointment by the embassy to Verify them.
  7. Provide your biometric impressions in the Visa Service center. 

3. How can I track my visa application for Saudi Arabia?

You can track your visa application using the website of the Saudi embassy, Steps to track visa applications are given.
  1. Enter your Reference Number or Enjaz Number that is on the Receipt.
  2. Enter Date of Birth Match the Captcha and Click Submit Button.


4. Different Types of Saudi Arabia Visa for Pakistani National:

  1. Business Visa
  2. Employee Visa
  3. Tourist Visa
  4. Umrah Visa
  5. Hajj Visa

Importance of Enjaz registration

To enter Saudi Arabia Enjaz registration is mandatory for every traveler. The tourists have to go through an Enjaz registration process by the Visa Service center staff. It is mandatory that the applicant should provide all the correct information that is asked to him\ her in the registration process.  

5. Document required for Saudi Arabia Visa from Pakistan:

  1. You will require an original passport with 8-month validity. There should be two empty spaces on your visa for visa pasting.
  2. A Return Ticket should be attached to your documents for the approval of the Umrah visa. 
  3. The Hotel Booking receipt should be attached.
  4. 4 blue background passport size pictures.
  5. CNIC, B-form for children and infants. 
  6. Fingerprint recognition of your ID is the new requirement from the Saudi government for your Visa travel.
  7. Proof of Lodging
  8.  All the other documents will be requested by the embassy if needed. All these documents should be attested from some authority to recognized as valid documents. You can get them attested via any government officer. 

Saudi Arab Business Visa Requirements For Pakistani National:

This Visa is entitled to the businessmen who want to visit the Great kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Those who want to explore business opportunities in Saudi Arabia should get Business Visa for Saudi Arabia. 
  1. This Visa requires no invitation and it is for the C-level officials who have established businesses. 
  2. This visa holds the validity of 12 months.
  3. Businessmen can also avail of the opportunity to escort with their wives, children and other family members. 


  1. Original passport with validity of 6 months
  2. 2 passport size photos
  3. Complete Visa application form for the embassy.

6. Visa Application efforts:

  1. The effort to get a Visa for Saudi Arabia from Pakistan depends upon the kind of Visa you want for yourself to visit Saudi Arabia. If you want a business or travel Visa for Saudi Arabia then the process is a little hard but if you are going there for Umrah and Hajj events then the processing efforts for Saudi Visa is minimal. 
  2. Physical visit required in case applied for Saudi Arabia Visa when embassy calls you

7. Saudi Arabia Visa Processing time from Pakistan:

The embassy takes 5 working days for all types of Visa processing time to confirm all your documents and then you will be ok to get your Visa for Saudi Arabia.

Frequently Asked Questions about Saudi Arabia

What is the cost of Umrah from Pakistan?

If we talk about cheapest packages so, that is economy Umrah package. If you want to live for 15 days in 5 star hotel, so its cost will start from 150,000 PKR. For 4 star hotel, the cost starts from 132,000 PKR which is for 15 days.3 star hotel cost for 15 days package will be about 120,000 PKR. 

Is Saudi Arabia visa free for Pakistan?

No it is not free but Saudi Arabia has reduced the visa fee for Pakistani travelers. 

How much time flight take from Pakistan to Saudi Arabia?

It takes 3 hours and 38 minutes to reach Saudi Arabia from Pakistan.

How much is the ticket from Pakistan to Saudi Arabia?

The lowest ticket price from Islamabad to Riyadh is $545, Multan to Jeddah is $622, Islamabad to Dammam is $ 1695 and from Islamabad to Madinah is $672.


Are flights available from Pakistan to Saudi Arabia?

Pakistani travelers will be able to enter Saudi Arabia from 17th of May. On the other hand international flights have been permitted once. Tourist visas for non- Saudi nationals are not allowed currently means they are unable to enter the kingdom.  


Which Pakistan airlines goes to Saudi Arabia?

Popular airlines which are flying from Pakistan to Saudi Arabia are Qatar Airways, Kuwait Airways, Kam Air, SriLankan Airlines, Oman Air, Air Arabia, Turkish Airlines, Air blue. 

How long Saudi visa takes?

the time to process visa varies by embassy. In general it takes 1 to 3 weeks to complete visa processing. When the embassy has issued the employment or work visa, so an individual can travel to Saudi Arabia and stay about 14 to 90 days.
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