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For the last few days, the rumors against Saudi Arabia's multiple entry visa are in trend. It has been hearing that the government has extended the duration of multiple-entry for travelers. However, recently, the department of passport or embassy took an action against these rumors and has clearly declared that there is no existence of these rumors. The multiple entry visa validity remains the same which is valid for 90 days and there is no extension would be applied in this validity.
 Saudi Visa
The department has clearly announced that all the foreigner travelers are allowed to get stay in Saudi Arabia for at least 90 days and after passing this duration they are required to come back to their home country. However, they further informed that currently the there is no discussion regarding multiple visa extension is under debate. 

Difference between Single Entry Visa and Multiple Entry Visa

For visit purposes, almost all the countries have their own rules and regulations according to which they allow foreigners to get entrance into their destined country. According to the latest immigration rules, the travelers are offered two types of Saudi visit visa i.e. single entry visa and multiple entry visa.

A single entry visa allows travelers to get entrance for a single time within the applied validity of the visa. In contrary to a single entry visa, multiple entry visa allows the travelers to make multiple visits within the applied validity of the visa. However, there may be the rules and the regulations are different from both of the categories of visas that one can find while applying the visa application process.

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