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Murree is one of the most visited holiday spots in Pakistan and it is hardly just 50 kilometers away from the capital of the country, Islamabad. There are certain factors about this place that makes it a perfect tourist destination like natural beauty, specular scenery and charming weather throughout the year.  Every year over 1 million Pakistani and foreign tourist visit Murree to enjoy the beauty of Pakistani Northern areas. 
Murree is an ideal place for a getaway vacation with your friends and family to enjoy nature from close and to see the natural beauty of this earth. There are a couple of places that are must-visit if you are going to Murree like Patriata, Ayubia, Nathiagali, Khanspur , and Bhurban. All these places are full of beautiful scenery and have many great spots for hiking and trekking which makes Murree perfect holidays spots for families in Pakistan. Get holiday family tour packages with deals and discounts.
Most families plan a tour to Murree in summer holidays which means most of them to have the plan to stay their means that they need a place to stay. Most of the families don’t want to stay in Hotels because of their unhygienic atmosphere. For these kind visitors, there are many Villas in Murree which they can rent for as many days as they want to stay in that area. Here is the list of Top 5 Murree villas that you can rent. 

Varioline House:

This villa is situated near Pindi Point chair lift and Lawrence College road. The Villa is two stories and you can book it according to your need. The total Capacity to entertain guest in this Villa is 20+. If you have fewer people with you than you can book only one floor according to your need. Villa is situated reasonably away from crowded places so you can enjoy Peace but not that far away from the commercial area that you won’t have access to things of your need. Read about the rise of tour operators in Pakistan.

Features of Varioline House:

The Villa Has Total of 9 bedrooms which have the capacity to hold over 20 guests at a time.
It has 8 attached bathrooms and one bathroom that is shared between two rooms but separated by the two doors.
Recently this is the only Villa in Murree which has rated 5 stars in the last two consecutive years.  
Each floor has a sharing Lounge for the guests.
There is a Kitchen on Each floor of the Villa. 
Cook and staff are available 24 hours a day. 

Human Resort Murree:

This Resort is just 10-minute drive away from Murree Mall road which means you have close access to everything from your apartment. It is a quiet place to stay with beautiful mountain views.
Features of Human Resort Murree
This place has the capacity for 6 guests to stay.
It has 3 bedrooms with attach baths.
Free parking on premises
WIFI and staff available 24 hours.
Kitchen to cook a meal for yourselves.

Nirva House:

This Villa is situated on the verge of Murree mall road. It is a studio apartment for a small family to stay in. The best part to stay in this place is that they will give you 21% off on your total payment if you stay 1 week there. The Villa offers a clean place to stay and a beautiful view. 
Features of Nirva House
Studio apartment with 2 beds.
1 Attached bathroom 
Capacity to hold 5 guests
Free Wi-Fi and staff available 24 hours.

Midway resort:

This place is a modern-style accommodation for a whole family with a huge terrace and Lawn. This place is adjacent to Murree Sozo Park and Gloria jeans Café. You can book most visited place for you and your family 10 days before your visit on the phone. 
Features of Midway Resort
6 guest’s capacity 
2 bedrooms with 6 single beds
2 attached baths
Free Wi-Fi available 24 hours.

Humhan Resort Murree:

It is a perfect place to stay with family adjacent to Mall road of Murree. This place provides clear view of mountains and whole Mall road. It is a best place to stay with your family if making a plan to visit Murree.
Features of Humhan Resort
Capacity for 5 guests
3 bedrooms with 3 double beds
2 attached bathrooms
Free parking on premises.
Free Wi-Fi and staff available 24 hours.



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