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How To Spend Winter Vacations in Pakistan

In Pakistan, round the year, students are offered winter vacations from schools, colleges, and universities. The reason behind these winter vacations is to keep the students protect from winter harshness. However, there are some other genuine reasons also come to see behind the winter vacations and these are the holidays of The Quid Day, Christmas, and New Year. In most of the schools and colleges, students also appear for the examination and in order to give them relaxation, the winter holidays are arranged by the schools and colleges. However, every year, the winter vacations are scheduled by the Government of Pakistan. 
Now, these days, students are spending their winter vacations and by keeping in view the loveliest conditions of the weather students are thinking that how to make these moments of winter vacations joyful and memorable. Most of the students have plans to make putting or long journeys during winter vacations. So, if you are also looking for the same plans then here we are going to offer our students the best ideas to spend their winter vacations. Here are the best places that are discussed that in the winter season become more charming and breathtaking than ever. Read the winter descriptions of these sites clearly and then choose the best option for you: 

1.Murree Hills


Muree Hills in Winter


Mostly when we plan to go for winter vacations Murree is the best prototype that comes in our mind. It is true that people spend every winter holiday there but the beauty of the place allows us to visit there again and again. The hilly areas when covered with snow and the trunks of the trees fully covered with snow offer the most enchanting view of the place in the winter season. There are a lot of activities you can make while spending your winter vacations in Murree

You reach Murree after an hour's drive from Islamabad. So, it is an easy way to reach there and there are a variety of hotels you can find their good services. 

2.Nathia Gali 


Nathia Gall Muree


If you are a wonder to see more adventures of the winter season then you are advised to make drive ahead of Murree. The place is located in the middle of the Galyat rang and it is about 7900 feet above from the sea level. Because of its beautiful sights of the winter season, the place is generally known as the peace of heaven on the earth. Checkout our Nathia Galli Tours.

3.Malam Jabba


Malam Jabba Chair lift


If you are eager to experience the adventure of Chairlift during the winter season then the best option for you to visit Malam Jabba during your winter vacations. The adventure of the Malam Jabba chairlift is much similar to the adventures of the chairlift that you find in the European regions. However, there are a lot of other places such as Swat valley and Swat River you can see while spending your winter vacations in Malam Jabba.  

4.Kalam Valley 


Kalam Valley in winter


Kalam Valley has its charm for both of the seasons i.e. summer season and winter season. During the summer season, the valley offers the lush green fields and a sweet cool breeze to spend a memorable time there. While, during the winter season, you get the cold experience there with snow and rain.



Kalash Valley

If we would like to mention all the wonders and the hilly areas or mountain regions of Pakistan then we cannot even make a complete list of these wonders. Well, out of the best areas Chitral is another one. Here you can experience the mountain regions, the river, the fields and many more. These above mentioned are the best places to visit in Pakistan during winter vacations

Other Activities to Do During Winter Vacations

Well travelling is the best option to not only spend your vacations but also to make them memorable for a long time. But, if you are not able to make travelling to the distant places then there are many other options also exist for you. You can make get together with your friends and family members. You can arrange parties and fun at some special places
If you are a shopping lover then you can also spend your time in buying the needy items or some special winter season related items. As we know that during the winter vacations we also find the Quid day so you can travel to the historical places where some special kind of arrangements come to see on the Quaid Day. In Pakistan minorities are also inhabiting so here the celebration of Christmas and New Year from Christian communities also come to see. Under these circumstances you can make your winter vacations memorable all the time.  



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