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Host Visa means that the hosts already living in Saudi Arabia will provide travel and stay facilities to their guests who can be their relatives, family members specially. If hosts are living in hotels/restaurants/ homes/ apartments, their guests will be accompanied by them.
Host visa Saudi Arabia has a 90 days validity. Saudi Arabia host Visa has been started from 27 September 2019 and the hosts will be responsible for the guests' safety, entertainment, serve them until they are staying with them, till their departure. Get eVisa for Saudi Arabia.
One can make a single entry as well as multiple entries on Saudi Arabia host Visa in 2019. Hosts are allowed to make tours and visit the amazing places within various cities of Saudi Arabia. The data of the guests will be registered/ kept in the record in the Civil Status Registry of citizens and the Absher portal of expatriates.


Host Visa Saudi Arabia 2019 | 2020

Host Visa is a new type of Visa introduced by Saudi Arabian authorities in which the Saudi Nationals/Citizens or Saudi Expatriates are allowed to bring foreign nationals to Saudi Arabia, serve them and let them stay with themselves for up to 90 days. Saudi Directorate General of Passports and the Ministry of Hajj and Umrah are thinking to bring the facility of Host Visa on the Ministry of Interior's portal of Absher.
It is also being decided that Saudi Nationals and expatriates will be allowed to host three to five Umrah Performers, while there are different rules for both. As for Saudi Citizens, they can host anyone whether their friends, relatives, family members, etc. but Saudi Expatriates are allowed to bring only close relatives or family members.


Duration of Host Visa, Saudi Arabia Host Visa Fee:

These guests can live up to 90 days with their hosts and can make multiple entries to the kingdom within a year on a Host Visa Fee of about 500 Saudi Arabian Riyals per person per year. Hosts or the guests will have to apply for a host visa each time even if the host enters the kingdom multiple times, but the fee is paid only once a year.
Among these 500 SAR Host Visa Fee, 300 SAR is the Government fee and other charges such as health insurance, tax and transaction fees. Now the Umrah Pilgrims can live with their relatives of Saudi Arabia if the hosts are Saudi Nationals. This facility reduces their expenses which they would have to pay if they applied for hotel accommodation through a travel agency.
If you want to visit Saudi Arabia and your relatives/ family members are nationals of Saudi Arabia, you can travel and stay with them and take a long tour of Saudi Arabia for 90 days. Get visit visa for Saudi Arabia.
As soon as the host visa application form opens, you can Apply for Host Visa through the official website of Jawazat and the Ministry of Hajj. Alcohol and indecent activities are strictly prohibited in Saudi Arabia, while there is leniency for females regarding abaya (gown and Hijab) coming from other countries. Read about the dress code in Saudi Arabia for femles.


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