What is Travel Insurance?

Travel Insurance is the insurance policy that covers all the mishaps during traveling from medical condition to loss of luggage and flight cancellations. 
Whether a person is traveling with family or on a business trip Travel insurance is of key importance, preplanning for all the risks and losses can prove beneficial in the long run. Travel insurance can help avoid any kind of unfortunate circumstances. You can claim your Travel Insurance to overcome these loss.

Circumstances to Claim Travel Insurance : 

There are many different types of travel insurances as – domestic, international, travel, Medical, family, business trip, single and multiple travel insurances are also available.
The instances when the travel insurance can be claimed are as follows – 
  1. Cancellation of the trip.
  2. Delay of the trip.
  3. Medical expenditure during the travel.
  4. Baggage loss claims.
  5. Accidental coverage.
  6. Cash requirements at the time of emergency
  7. Accidental death during travel.
  8. Dental expenses, this might sound a little bizarre but it is so.
  9. If the traveler requires legal support and takes care of all the legal expenses.
  10. Return to one’s home country.

The case when travel insurance can’t be claimed are as follows -  

  1. The hospitalization due to an already existing medical condition.
  2. Missing the flights and trains due to local unrest.
  3. Amount spend due to local unrest or conditions.
  4. Loss of keys.
  5. Baggage delays for duration of less than 24 hours.


Travel insurance for, How to claim travel insurance


Steps to Claim Travel Insurance – 

  1. Communicating the Insurance Company as soon as possible – If the traveler finds themselves in any of the above circumstances or others that are a part of their travel insurance, they must contact they insurance provider timely.There is a policy of some of the insurance providers about the time limit of conveying about the mishap after which, the insurance provider can help because that would be breach of their insurance policy.Delaying the reporting of the mishap can land the traveler in a big problem. Also if the traveler is required to inform about the happening in a formal way like by means of a mail etc.
  1. Filling the travel form precisely – the traveler must be mindful about their requirements and have complete knowledge of what they want to claim like medical, students travel insurance, loss or cancellation of flight etc.There are some sections on the travel insurance form that must be filled under the supervision of an expert.
  1. Keep the documented proof while claiming the travel insurance - The travel claims are generally terminated or slowed down due to less supporting documents. It is necessary for the traveler to provide a detailed path of their travel. The number of supporting documents required vary from case to case for exam in case of medical claim the best required document is the written statement of the doctor, medical bills etc. in such case the word holds no importance.  Some documents are very crucial, while other are just necessary formality. Irrelevant documents hold no importance, written confirmations are also necessary.
  1. Submission of the claim – the claim must be filed with the help of guidelines that are provided by the agency themselves. Fill in all the particulars and the documents with it. Proof read the insurance forms for the omissions of errors.  The claim must be submitted only once, as it might cause trouble while processing.

Causes of rejection of travel insurance claims:

The travel claim takes a lot of time to be processed weeks and sometimes months, the claimer must keep in touch and take continuous updates on the progress of their travel insurance claim.
The delays in the travel insurance are due to the missing documents generally. There are many terms and conditions of the travel insurance documents if any of the clause is violated and any of claims are not abiding by the terms and conditions.  The content of the travel insurance policy must be checked prior to agreeing to it. The various causes of rejection of travel insurance claim is as follows – 
  1. Life threatening sport – extreme sports and participation into such life threatening sports can be hazardous, and can affect the travel insurance claims. 
  2. Drug abuse – excessive use of alcohol and drugs can be fatal and can cause many medical conditions. The person consumes such stuff at their own dispense therefore any abuse of any such is non - supportive under the Travel insurance policy.
  3. Unattended baggage and personal items – the personal items that a person is carefree about is not the responsibility of the travel insurance policy. Apart from this in case of a theft, police report documents is required for the claim.
  4. Preexisting medical conditions – If the traveler is suffering from a medical condition previously, thus their medical expenses can’t be claimed by the travel insurer. Rest all illness and injury will be covered.
  5. Inadequate documentation – The claim must be supported by all the necessary and relevant documents. In general detailed paperwork is of great importance in the travel insurance claim.

Travel Insurance Claim Tips: 

In order to claim the travel insurance the person needs to be proactive and decide each move intelligently, for the settlement of the travel claim at ease, certain things are to be kept in mind. Here are some of the tips for the travel insurance claim
  1. Updating of the documents – The documents must be updated and of the traveling date, for smooth claims. All the documents must be cautiously updated and formulated.
  2. Handy Policy – All the clauses of the travel insurance policy must be handy and easy to understand. A deeper understanding of the policy can pace up the travel claim.
  3. Knowledge of terms and conditions – The terms and conditions must be kept in mind and before agree to them the traveler must read them all so that there is no halt at the time of travel insurance claim. 
  4. Multiple copies of travel documents payment receipt and claim papers.
  5. Double check all the insurance claim papers. 

Travel Insurance Companies in Pakistan:

The travel insurance companies are as follows: 
  1. IGI Insurance 
  2. Adamjee Insurance 
  3. EFU 
  4. UIC 
  5. Atlas Insurance 
  6. Jubilee General Insurance 
  7. TPL Insurance 
  8. Habib Insurance 
  9. UBL Insurers 
  10. Pak Qatar Insurance 
  11. Century Insurance 
  12. Asia Insurance 
  13. SPI Insurance 
  14. Premier Insurance 
  15. Askari General Insurance