The novel coronavirus has been spread to different countries across the globe in February, as the suspected cases in many countries continue to increase. The number of suspected cases in many previously unaffected countries is on the rise although many countries have confirmed cases of coronavirus infection.
China has now all but stopped the spread of the disease and the authorities have started to allow some access to Wuhan, the city in Hubei province where the outbreak began.


Coronavirus Declared as a Global Pandemic:

There are many countries affected by a coronavirus. The outbreak of coronavirus was declared as a global pandemic on 11th March by the World Health Organization (WHO). This infectious disease is infecting and spreading from one person to another at the same time.
According to WHO, the first 100,000 confirmed worldwide corona cases are reported in three months, but it took less than one week to double from 500,000 to million. WHO has also told about the Preventative Measure than every person should practice containing the deadly virus.
The number of coronavirus cases are much high because many people having milder symptoms have not been counted and tested.
The governments across the world have banned the flights, lock down the cities and towns and asked the people to stay at home and maintain Social Distancing. These steps are taken to prevent the prevalence of the contagious virus.
countries without coronavirus

Europe is Struggling to Halt the Virus Spread:

Europe is affected badly by the coronavirus pandemic. There are massive Number of Coronavirus Case in Europe.The countries in Europe have seen a massive rise in suspected cases and deaths, but recently there is a slow rate of infection that depicts that Social Distancing is proving helpful to control the spread of the virus.
Italy has the highest number of infected cases than any other country in the world. In the UK and Spain, the death rate is considerably higher and doubling faster. Recently the death tally in Italy is also slowed down to some extent as the country is taking the safety measures against the virus.Check Cheap Price Europe Tour Packages From Pakistan.


Countries not affected by a Coronavirus:


list of countries without coronavirus cases


There are some Countries without Coronavirus as not case has been reported in them so far. The states that have not reported any coronavirus case are the small Pacific island nations, some countries in Asia and Africa. Following is the List of Countries without Corona Cases
  1. Tajikistan
  2. Malawi
  3. Turkmenistan
  4. Federated States of Micronesia
  5. Nauru
  6. Republic of Yemen
  7. Samoa
  8. Tuvalu
  9. Saint Kitts and Nevis
  10. Western Sahara
  11. D. P. R. of Korea
  12. Kiribati
  13. Sierra Leone
  14. São Tomé and Príncipe
  15. Lesotho
  16. Vanuatu
  17. Antarctica


Coronavirus in Pakistan:

Pakistan is also among the countries that have been affected by the contagious coronavirus. The situation of Coronavirus Cases in Pakistan is worsening day by day as there is a considerable increase in the number of coronavirus cases. The government is taking effecting measures to control the coronavirus.