The act of performing hajj is one of the most important obligatory acts in Islam and every Muslim brother or sister who have the financial means to afford it must carry it out once in their entire lifetime. The sacred act of Hajj is carried out in the holy month of Dhul Hajj in the city of Makkah from 8th to 12th of Dhul Hajj five day period during which Muslims must enter the conditional state of Ihram. Book Hajj package from Pakistan.
Muslim brothers and sisters must abide from all kind of sins including violence, damage to trees, arguments, cutting nails and hair as they must demonstrate calm behavior during their sacred Hajj pilgrimage. 

Hajj Holy Pilgrimage:

Those who are called for the holy Hajj pilgrimage are lucky to be chosen by Allah almighty to visit his Holy Kaaba (Mecca). The sacred act of Hajj symbolizes equality, unity and brotherhood among Muslims from all over the globe. Those Muslims who carry out Hajj with pure intentions they will return home free of all their lifelong sins. 

Hajj Package Pakistan 2022:

Believers rejoice as the Government of Pakistan has announced the official Government Hajj Package for all the people of Pakistan. The government announced Hajj package (excluding token) has the following estimated costs but some additional expenses are not announced by Saudia Arabia government regarding Hajj Package 2022 which will be added later on.  
Those who are availing the official 2022 Hajj package announced by the Pakistan Government are informed if their expenses of Hajj pilgrimage are calculated less than the announced package the remaining additional money will be returned to them. 

Hajj Package Fee Due Date:

The Hajj applicants will have to deposit additional amount if required after official announcement from Saudi Arabia’s Ministry of Hajj and Umrah. Those Hajj applicants who names are announced through lucky draw are requested to deposit their remaining amount, passport, vaccine certificate in their respected bank branches on the 26th and 27th of May 2022 and get stamped bank receipts .
Those Hajj applicants who do not deposit their dues on the due date will not be considered and those applicants who are on the waiting list will be provided opportunity according to applicant list order.