PIA Resumes Flights for Kaula Lumpur

27-Jun-2022 675

PIA has resumed flights for Malaysia after removal of Corona virus restrictions and now has added direct flights from Lahore to Kuala Lampur as the first flight took off today from Lahore Airport early morning stated PIA spokesperson Abdullah Hafeez Khan.

A small ceremony was organized for the passengers by PIA going to Kaula Lampur as cake and flowers were given to passengers. 

PIA is now expanding its network of direct flights from Lahore and Karachi towards city of Doha (Qatar). PIA has resumed direct flight operations from Islamabad to Doha. 

Kaula Lampur Weekly Flights Islamabad:

PIA (Pakistan international Airlines) is already providing two weekly operational flights from Islamabad to Kaula Lampur.  Pakistan national airline is now increasing number of flights on special command by the aviation minister.
Airline Flight Name Departure Airport  Destination  Flight Type Cost Flight Duration
PIA PK-898 (Boeing 777) Allama Iqbal International Airport Lahore Kaula Lumpur (KUL) Economy Class Rs. 100,270/- 5 hours, 40 min
PIA PK-894 (Boeing 777) Islamabad International Airport Kaula Lumpur (KUL) Economy Class Rs. 109,998/- (One way) & Rs. 153,842/-(Round Trip) 6 hours
PIA PK-370 & PK-894 (Boeing 777) Jinnah International Airport Karachi Kaula Lumpur (KUL) Economy Class Rs.110,008/- (one way) & Rs.153,882/- (Round Trip) 7 hours, 55 min

Increase in Flight due to Arrival of Summer Vacations:

The aviation Minister Mr.Khawaja Saad Rafique stated that they are increasing their tourist destination flights because of the arrival of summer vacation season. The minister further said that they are providing direct access from Lahore to tourist spot destinations across the country and locations abroad. 
The aviation Minister stated that they are operating flights from Lahore to Skardu and Gilgit and flights from Kaula Lumpur and Baku have been arranged as well. Book Skardu tour packages by air.

Providing Comfortable Travel Flights:

The minister aviation further stated that the main objective of providing the flights is to enable comfortable and direct travel facilities to people through PIA the national airline. 
The aviation minister also stated that PIA is in the process of adding additional flights from Lahore and Karachi to Doha as well in order to enable people to enjoy their trip to Doha for watching FIFA World Cup, or work and business plans.


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