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For the Mountain Lovers: A Brief Introduction of Top 10 Peaks in Pakistan:

Pakistan is a paradise for the backpackers; it is blessed with mighty and long mountainous ranges that have exciting and thrilling peaks to fulfill your mountain climbing adventure quotient. The lavish mountains, green valleys, spurting rivers, charming scenery and calming lakes of Pakistan are deeply admired by backpackers and adventurers. There are 14 highest summits in the world and Pakistan happens to be home to 4 of them including: Karakoram mountain range, the Himalayan and Hindu Kush ranges. There are a total number of 108 high peaks in Pakistan with 7,000 meters elevation and K2 which is the world’s second highest mountain peak on earth and has 8,611 meters elevation is also located in Pakistan. If you are strategizing your plan of tour towards mountainous region of Pakistan, here is the list of top 10 highest peaks in Pakistan. Visit hunza valley the roof of Pakistan.

1- Masherbrum:

Masherbrum the Queen of Peaks, has 7,821 meters height and is world’s 22nd highest mountain in the world located in Gilgit Baltistan. Famously known as K1 because it was first ever peak to be discovered on Karakoram mountain range, it was first climbed by two American George Irving Bell and Willi Unsoeld in 1060.

2- Distaghil Sar:

Distaghil Sar is located in Gilgit Baltistan region at the sub range of Karakoram mountain range. It is world’s 19th highest mountain with 7400 meters height. It was first climbed by a Polish mountain climber in 1983. The word Distaghil Sar means,’ above the inner ranch’ in Wakhi language.

3- Gasherbrum II:

Gasherbrum II is world’s 13th highest mountain that’s comes within 8000 m height rankings. It is located between China and Pakistan border at Gasherbrum Massif region. The Austrian mountain climbers Fritz Moravec, Josef Larch, and Hans Willenpart were first to climb this peak. Things to keep in your bag while traveling to Pakistan.

4- Batura:

The height of Batura peak is 7,785KM. It is 57 kilometers long glacier located at western side of Hunza River. Along with this high peak lies Hunza Valley giving an awe inspiring scenic view. Batura’s lower portion gives impression of grey sea containing rocks, the roses and juniper trees are harvested all over this region. 

5- Kunyang Chhish:

Kunyang Chhish is world’s 21st highest mountain peak with 7,823 meters height located at Hispar Muztagh region. It is significant glacier of Karakoram region laid to the north of Hispar Glacier; it was first climbed by two British climbers in 1988.

6- Broad Peak  :

Broad peak is located at Gasherbrum massif region of Gilgit Baltistan between the border of Pakistan and China. It comes in 8,000 meter high mountain rankings with height of 8,047 meters. It is world’s 12th highest mountain; it was given an English name by British explorer Martin Conway who named it after Breithorn in the Alps. 

7- Gasherbrum -I, Hidden Peak:

Gasherbrum -I, Hidden Peak is world’s 11th highest mountain peak with 8,080 meters height located at Pakistan-China border based in the Karakoram region of the Himalaya. In Balti language, Gasherbrum means beautiful mountain and it sure does personify this word. It was first climbed by American mountain climbers in 1958.

8- Nanga Parbat:

The popularly known mountain of Pakistan Nanga Parbat is world 9th highest peak with 8,196 meters height. It is referred as Diamer by locals; it is situated in the Diamer District of Gilgit, Baltistan region. It is a tough climb and notoriously known as a ‘Killer Mountain’ among mountain climbers as several have died in 20th century while attempting to climb it.  

9- Chogori K-2:

The world renowned K-2 is 8,611 meters high above sea level and is world’s second highest mountain. Climbing K-2 from its Chinese side is more dramatic and tough therefore most of the mountain climbers go for K-2 expedition from Pakistan’s side. Located between China-Pakistan borders at Gilgit Baltistan region of Pakistan, K-2 has world’s second highest fatality rate; it was first successfully climbed by Italian Climbers named Lino Lacedelli and Achille Compagnoni in 1954. It is world’s best adventurous destination. Take help from travel guide in Pakistan for more deatails about the mountains.

10- Rakaposhi:

The Rakaposhi Mountain is world’s 27th highest mountain located in the Gilgit-Baltistan region of Pakistan. It has height of 7,788 meters above sea level, it is an only mountain in the world that stands straight from cultivated fields and can be observed from bottom to top entirely. 

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