Woman to perform Umrah without need for Mahram supervision

28-Mar-2022 496

In a recent turn of events, the Hajj and Umrah ministry has declared that women can obtain their Urmah visa permit without the need for a certain guardian or “mahram” but upon one condition. Only those women who are 45 years old or above can only obtain an Umrah visa if they entering the kingdom from abroad. 

Authorized Women can issue Umrah Visa:

The Umrah and Hajj ministry also explained that only local authorized agent women who are 45 years old and who are part of a “women group” may issue Umrah visas as women who wish to carryout blessed Umrah still need “mahram” to accompany them if they are under 45 years of age. Book group Umrah for women here.

Partial Vaccination of Woman:

The Hajj and Umrah Ministry announced the new decision requiring women undertaking Umrah pilgrimage must have partially carried out vaccination or one dose. Women who are applying for Umrah pilgrimage also needs to be free from any infections or diseases.  
The Saudi Arabia government also requires Saudi visitors to undertake vaccination for Meningococcal Meningitis, yellow fever, and the annual flu medicine shot.

Muqeem Platform Services for Saudi Residents: 

The Saudi Arabia Government is also providing various online services through its “Muqeem” platform for various services like visa exit or re-entry for the people residents outside the Saudi kingdom and also renewing their iqamas. 
Saudi Arabia kingdom residents and citizens who had previously not carried out Hajj for the last five years can now register for Hajj 2022. Previously the Saudi Hajj ministry had permitted women from all age groups to carry out the blessed Umrah pilgrimage without the need for supervision or “mahram” following; they must be part of an Umrah group.


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