Pakistani’s capital city is Karachi whereas the United States' capital city is New York. Pakistanis primarily travel to New York for business and vacation. New York is one of the world's most developed cities, with hundreds of tourist attractions including Central Park, the Metropolitan Museum of Art, the Empire State Building, the Brooklyn Bridge, Grand Central Terminal, The Frick Collection, Bryant Park, Rockefeller Center, and others. Everyone wants to visit New York once in a lifetime.
Numerous airlines fly from Karachi to New York. They all have at least one, if not two, stop. For Karachi residents, the minimum travel time to New York is 17 hours 55 minutes. The average Ticket Price of Flights from Karachi to New York City has been discovered to be Rs.108,699. Flights depart from Karachi Jinnah International Airport and arrive at JFK John Fitzgerald Kennedy International Airport in New York.
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Karachi to New York Distance

The distance between Karachi, Pakistan and New York City, United States is approximately 6,600 miles (10,600 kilometers). This is the distance that the plane will actually travel, which is slightly longer than the distance as the crow flies.
The distance between Karachi and New York as the crow flies is approximately 6,400 miles (10,300 kilometers). This is the distance between the two cities if you were to draw a straight line between them.
Karachi to New York distance by air is slightly longer than the distance as the crow flies is because planes do not fly in a straight line. They fly in a curved path that takes into account the curvature of the Earth.

Karachi to New York flight Time Duration:

The flight time from Karachi to New York varies depending on the airline and the type of flight. Direct flights typically take around 16 hours, while flights with layovers can take up to 24 hours.
Here are some of the airlines that offer direct flights from Karachi to New York:

 Flights from Karachi to New York Ticket Price of Qatar Airways:

Qatar Airways have one-stop in Doha, Qatar and offers dozens of very good flights which travel from Karachi to New York at different timings. Ticket booking prices may differ according to the date when you book a flight. The minimum cost of a ticket these days is 160,209 rupees. 

Saudi Arabian Airline Flight from Karachi to New York Ticket Price:

Saudi Arabian Airline sends weekly 4 stopover flights each on the days of Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday and Sunday respectively, among which some have one stop while others have two or three. For one stop flights, mainly Jeddah Airport is used while the flights having two or three stops may use Riyadh, Madinah or Jeddah airport as a first stop. Saudi Airlines are very satisfactory because their flights have a prayer area, standard seat, meal, and many other facilities. Prices of booking a ticket of flight from Karachi to Lahore start from Rs.91,490.You can also get Flights from Islamabad to New York.

Turkish Airlines Ticket Price Flight from Karachi to New York:

Turkish Airlines serve with excellent flights having one-stop in Istanbul. It sends more than 10 flights weekly from Karachi to New York. The basic ticket price of these flights is 114,096 and can be up to 262,330.

 Flights Karachi to New York of Etihad Airways Ticket Price:

Etihad Airways daily sends 3 or more satisfactory flights all the week from Karachi to New York. Ticket price of Etihad Airways starts from Rs.161,701. These flights have one or two stops mainly first stop in Abu Dhabi (AUH) and the second one in Dublin, Ireland (DUB).

Karachi to New York Emirates Airlines Flight Ticket Price:

Emirates Airline also, like above stated other airlines, sends 27 flights every week. This airline charges about 1,65,200 as a minimum ticket price for one adult person. It is a very good airline having one stop (in Dubai) for those flights which travel from Karachi to New York

Gulf Air  Karachi to New York Price of Ticket for Flights:

Gulf Air also has two stops between Karachi and New York. Manama, Bahrain as the first stop and London Heathrow, the UK as a second stop. At least two flights on daily basis takeoff from Karachi to bring passengers to New York. Prices of flight booking are between Rs.174,162 and 258,182 depending upon how much stops/ duration your chosen flight has. While traveling abroad you have to be secure and have a look How to Secure your Journey Abroad.

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