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Karachi is the most populous city of Pakistan. This article will discuss the flights departing from Karachi to Singapore; an international hub and an island city state where people from all over the world pay visit. Each flight has minimum one stop but airfare and flight duration varies. The name of Karachi airport is Jinnah International Airport and that of Singapore is Changi  Airport Singapore. You can book flight and accommodation at Trips.pk. Most of the best value flights offer WiFi as well as basic facilities like TV and free meal. Get 5 days tour to Singapore from Pakistan.

Qatar Airways Flights Airfare from Karachi to Singapore :

It is providing cheapest air ticket of PKR 54,173. The Flight duration from Karachi to Singapore by Qatar Airways is 20 hours with one stop at Hamad International Airport, Doha. Buy Online Singapore Tour Packages from Pakistan.

Karachi to Singapore Today Flights Emirates Cheap Ticket:

The airfare offered by Emirates is PKR 56,787. With one stop at Dubai International Airport, the total flight duration is 10h 55m. 

Thai Airways International Flights from Karachi to Singapore:

The entire flight time from Karachi to Singapore is 11h 20m with one stop at Suvarnabhumi Airport, Bangkok. The cheapest air travel cost by Thai Airways is PKR 85,613. Check Flights from Lahore to Singapore Airfare of different air lines.

Airline ticket Air China Karachi to Singapore:

The total flight duration from Karachi to Singapore by Air China is 35h 55m. This flight has two stops; one at Beijing Capital International Airport, Beijing and the other at Chengdu Shuangliu International Airport, Chengdu. The total air travel is PKR 120,093. 

Cheap Air Ticket Etihad Airways from Karachi to Singapore Todays Flights:

With all the basic facilities like TV, free meal, WiFi etc. Etihad is offering PKR 289,558. The total flight duration is 24h 25m with two stops at Abu Dhabi International Airport and Bandaranaike International Airport, Colombo. Get Cheap Air Tickets from Islamabad to Singapore.

British Airways Karachi to Singapore Flights at Cheap Rates:

The flight duration from Karachi to Singapore is 27 hours with 2 stops at Hamad International Airport, Doha and Heathrow Airport, London. The airfare by British Airways is PKR 317,913.
Note: The above mentioned flight details are specified for one passenger travelling economy class. 


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