Saudi Arabia Announces Hajj Quota for Various Countries

23-Apr-2022 341

The Saudi Arabia’s Ministry regarding Hajj and Umrah has recently issued a provisional Hajj quota for various countries, including Indonesia, India, Bangladesh, Pakistan, UK, among others, for Hajj 2022
The ministry of Saudi Arabia allocates each country's quota according to their Muslim population. The country of Indonesia has received the largest Hajj pilgrimage quota, followed by our country Pakistan and our neighbor country India. Book Hajj packages from Pakistan.
The Saudi Arabia Hajj and Umrah Ministry had previously announced on April 10th that it will allow 1 million people to perform Hajj pilgrimage this year, out of which 150,000 would be local Saudi Arabia residents and 850,000 foreign pilgrims. 

Hajj Quota 2022:

According to the information provided by Saudi Arabia Hajj and Umrah Ministry sources the allocation of provisional hajj Quota is as follows 
Country Hajj Quota
Indonesia 100,051
Pakistan 81,131
India 79,237
Bangladesh 57,585
Nigeria 43,008
Turkey 37,770
Afghanistan 13,582
UK 12,348
USA 9,504
France 9,268
Iran 38,481
Egypt 35,375
Russia 11,318
China 9,190
Thailand 5,885
Ukraine 91
Angola 23
Country Hajj Quota
The Saudi Arabia ministry usually allows 2.5 million hajj pilgrims to carry out the sacred Hajj pilgrimage in normal days; however, due to the pandemic outbreak the Saudi Arabia government had red reduced the number of Hajj pilgrims who could carry out hajj in the year 2020 and 2021. 

Hajj Pilgrims 2022:

In the year 2021, Makkah city received approximately 60,000 hajj pilgrims, while in the year 2020, only 1000 hajj pilgrims were allowed to perform Hajj pilgrimage, which was limited to domestic Saudi Arabia residents only. 
The Saudi Ministry for Haj & Umrah had recently announced certain conditions for carrying out Hajj this year which stated that only 
People  65 years of age allowed who have taken the Saudi Arabia Health Ministry approved Covid 19 vaccination
foreign pilgrims will be allowed into Saudi kingdom who have taken and given negative Covid 19 PCR test result carried out within the time frame of last 72 hours
The pilgrimage of Hajj 2022 is likely to start from July 7th 2022, or 8th, 2022, according to the Islamic calendar of 10th Dhul Hijjah 1443. 


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