New Umrah Covid Policy

20-Dec-2021 3592

Saudi Arabia officials have changed the Policy regarding COVID 19 for Umrah pilgrims who wish to perform Umrah as the government has announced that those people who have taken Saudia approved vaccination can perform act of Umrah without undergoing quarantine. Book best Umrah packages 2022 from Pakistan.

New Saudi Arabia Umrah Policy Update 2022:

According to the latest news concerning ministry of hajj and Umrah the newest announcement is that all the Umrah and Hajj 1443 AH regulations and procedures will be announced in due time. The ministry of Hajj and Umrah are holding a conference meeting from 21st March 2022 to 23rd March concerning all policies and matters regarding Hajj 1443 AH and Umrah in line with Saudi Arabia vision 2030. 15 Days Umrah Packages With Quarantine 2022.

New Saudi Umrah Update 2022 concerning Covid vaccination:

Under the new guidelines from Saudi’s ministry of Hajj and Umrah it is now mandatory for all Umrah pilgrims to have received booster dose of their covid vaccine if their second dose time period has exceeded time period of 8 months in order to be considered immune and for offering prayers in 
Masjid Al Haram
Rawdah Al Shareefah 
Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) Ziyara
Visiting the Prophet’s Mosque (Masjid Nabwee)

Saudi Tourist Visa for Umrah 2022:

People who wish to perform Umrah pilgrimage can also do so by getting Saudi Tourist visa and getting permit as it is currently more easier to obtain than obtaining Umrah permit as Saudi government is promoting Saudi tourist visa under its vision 2030. 

New Saudi Government Fine for playing music:

Under the new rules announced by Saudi ministry of Hajj and Umrah anyone found to be playing any kind of music during the Adhan (call to prayer) announced by Mosques will be fined 1000 Saudi Riyal, and if the violation is repeated then it will be 2000 Saudi Riyal. Umrah visa fee 2022 from Pakistan.

Virtual (VR) Hajj & Umrah 2022:

The Saudi Government is also initiating a new project concerning Umrah and Hajj to be performed using virtual reality technology or services like metaverse. However, the Hajj metaverse project has been criticized as not an alternative for real Islamic worship by the Turkish government religious affairs. The new VR initiative was launched following Saudi Arabia’s previous “virtual black stone” event that was held in December 2021. 

Saudi Arabia Approved Covid vaccines: 

People who wish to perform Umrah 2022 pilgrimage must adhere to the rules set by Saudi ministry of hajj and umrah as only those people will be eligible for Umrah 2022 who have undergone double dose vaccination including
Pfizer (BioNtech)
Moderna (Spike Vax)
Astra Zeneca
Sk Bioscience 
Jansen( Jhonson & Johnson)
Sputnik V 
Those umra pilgrims how have taken two does vaccination of Sinovac, Covaxin and Sinopharm will have to take booster dose of the approved Saudi vaccines above in order to maintain immune status.

New guidelines concerning Umrah 2022:

Under the new guidelines that were announced in the month of February 2022 for Umrah pilgrims you shoud 
Provide negative PCR test report no older than 48 hours before you arrive in Saudi Arabia
You must provide vaccination proof of being “immune” by registering on Tawkkalna app for entering holy mosques in Madinah and Makkah city.
You must provide Saudi approved covid vaccination proof from registered and approved laboratories 
You must observe mandatory and a minimum of 5-day quarantine period when you enter Saudi Arabia even with approved WHO vaccination 
You can extend your Umrah stay for max of 30 days, but you can only perform tawaf of Kabba once
You must be above 12 years of age in order to be eligible for Umrah pilgrimage 
You must show Umrah permit when visiting through Eatmarna or Tawakkalna app or print your Umrah permit offline 
You must register yourself for your vaccination status on “Qudoom” platform before vising Saudi Arabia before the period of 72 hours
You can obtain or purchase optional safe transportation tickets through Saudi Eatmarna app while performing the activity of Umra or payers
You can only travel with your Umrah groups from Makkah to Medina, and vice versa as individual transportation is not allowed
You must perform Umrah in groups having a minimum of 20 group members through registered Umrah agents  
You must buy travel accommodation along with mandatory quarantine package in order to be eligible for Umrah 2022.

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