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Saudi Arabia is an Islamic country that has a rule of modest dressing for both men and women. All the Islamic rules of Hijab are applied and practiced there. Women wear abaya in Saudi, which is a long single-coloured (especially black or white) gown covering a lady wholly without her eyes and hands.
Women are not required to wear the abaya (gown) in their homes, but when they go for an outing in public places, they are required to dress modestly and wear abaya. The women in Saudi Arabia wear abaya (covering gown) with their will and happiness but while in Umrah or Hajj, they are not required/ allowed to cover their faces. Read can we wear shoes during Umrah.


Abaya as a Dressing Code for Ladies in Arab Countries:

Abayas are worn by women in all Arab countries regularly when they are out of their homes. Traditionally, women wear black abaya and men in Saudi wear white dresses which are preferred there. These black and white dressing rules are not implemented by Islam rather they are preferred dressing choices of the dwellers of Saudi Arabia. Get evisa for Saudi Arabia.
An abaya should be with a loose-fitting because narrow abayas are not allowed and are irrelevant to modest dressing. Hijab is practiced in almost all the Muslim countries of the world. Several verses of the Holy Quran and Hadith have emphasized the importance of Hijab. Wearing Abaya is a nice and easy way to fulfill the Hijab rules.
Abaya has mainly 3 parts. One covers the whole body from neck to feet (doesn't cover hands), a scarf with it is put on the head, and a veil which is set on the face so that only eyes could be left open and all other parts of the face remains covered by that veil.


Saudi Arabia Dress Code for Females:

Saudi Arabia's dress for females who visit public places is abaya (gown). Foreign women also have to wear an abaya, but they are allowed to uncover their hair. However, even Non-Muslims should follow the rule of covering hair because practicing this culture hasn't any harm. They can wear western dress under the abaya. Saudi Arabia's dress code for females 2019 has been made easy for coming tourists from the western world.
Foreign women can roam in Saudia without a scarf on their head or veil on their face, but it is mandatory that their body should be covered from shoulders to feet while leaving hands uncovered. However, they are encouraged by local religious police or public to cover their heads according to the culture of Saudi Arabia. 
Abaya dress is easily available in Saudi Arabia. Usually, Muslims who go there for Umrah or Hajj buy abayas from Saudi shops and distribute them in their close female relatives while coming back to their country. Get family Umrah packages at cheap rates in Pakistan.


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