Beijing, China's capital, is the country's political, economic, and cultural center. Because Beijing is adjacent to the port city of Tianjin, it serves as the most important transit hub and entrance port in Northern China. Roast Duck and Imperial Court Food are must-tries for everyone interested in eating traditional Chinese cuisine. You must visit Beijing's top shopping paradises, including the Yansha and Guomao Shopping Malls, Xidan Street, and Wangfujing and Qianmen Streets near Tiananmen Square, for amazing traditional tourists items and shopping. Many people enjoy nightlife and night parties, and Sanlitun Bar Street and the surrounding Embassy neighborhood are ideal locations for them. 
Tianqiao Area and Laoshe Teahouse, which exhibit exceptional Chinese traditional culture, are highly recommended for opera, acrobatics, and martial art fans. Beijing has become a world-famous tourist destination, with 140 million Chinese tourists and 4.4 million international visitors flocking to see the city's historic and modern buildings each year. For more great sites throughout the world, go to Trips.pk.
Trips.pk can assist you in locating the cheapest flights from Karachi to Beijing. Many airlines fly from Karachi to Beijing, and you can find a Tour Operators Guide and links to websites that offer fantastic travel offers to your preferred location. This post will assist you in locating the most affordable flights from Karachi to Beijing. Jinnah International Airport is the only international airport in Karachi, while Beijing Capital International Airport is the only international airport in Beijing.

Etihad Airways Flights from Karachi to Beijing Today:

The cheapest airfare from Karachi to Beijing by Etihad Airways is PKR 68,630. The flight duration from Karachi to Beijing is 24h 45m with one stop at Abu Dhabi International Airport with the connecting time of 15h 10m to next transit flight. From Karachi, flight departs and lands Abu Dhabi in 2h 15m and from there, the flight lands Beijing in 7h 20m. 

Emirates Cheap Flights from Karachi to Beijing:

Air travel offered by Emirates is PKR 70,513 and entire flight duration of 12h 20m with one stop at Dubai International Airport ( Connecting time: 2h 40m). Flight duration from Karachi to Dubai is 2h 10m and from Dubai, the flight duration till Beijing is 7h 30m inclusive of the connecting time at Dubai International Airport. Cheap Air Fare from Karachi to Beijing.

Srilankan Airlines Flights this week from Karachi to Beijing:

From Karachi to Beijing, Srilankan Airlines is offering entire flight duration of 27h 55m in PKR 88,181. From Karachi, the plane departs and lands Bandaranaike International Airport, Colombo in 3h 40m and stays there for 16h 50m until the next flight from Colombo to Beijing, which reaches in exact 7h 25m. 

Thai Airways International Today Flights from Karachi to Beijing:

Cheapest air travel offered by Thai Airways is PKR 119,476 and lands from Karachi to Beijing in 25h 40m; inclusive of one stop at Suvarnabhumi Airport, Bangkok. The flight duration from Karachi to Bangkok is 5h 30m with connecting time of 11h 50m to next transit flight. Later from Bangkok, flights lands Beijing in 8h 20m. Trip to China for 7 days from Pakistan.

Malaysia Airlines Flights from Karachi to Beijing:

Malaysia Airlines is offering quite an expensive air ticket of PKR 235,462 with two stops at Bandaranaike International Airport, Colombo (connecting time: 3h 45m) and Kuala Lumpur International Airport (connecting time:  11h 40m). From Karachi, flight departs and lands Colombo in 3h 40m and from there; the flight lands Kuala Lumpur in 3h 45m. Later from Kuala Lumpur, the flight duration to Beijing is 6h 20m. The entire trip takes a total of 29h 10m. 

British Airways Flights from Karachi to Beijing:

The most expensive air travel cost is offered by British Airways i.e PKR 372,861 with two stops at Hamad International Airport, Doha ( connecting time: 2h 35m) and Heathrow Airport, London (connecting time: 3h 10m). From Karachi, the flight leaves and lands Doha in 2h 45m and from Doha to London, it takes a total time of 7h 25m. Next from London to Beijing, the flight duration is 10h 05m. Therefore, the complete flight duration from KHI-PEK by British Airways is 26 hours.
Note: The above mentioned flight details are for one passenger travelling in economy class. 


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