Both Islamabad and Karachi are located in Pakistan. The national capital is Islamabad, whereas Sindh Province's provincial capital is Karachi. Karachi is Pakistan's most populated city with a population of more than 14,910,352, making it the world's sixth most populous city. There are several historical sites, great parks, museums, zoos, markets, and architectural structures. Mazar-e-Quaid, the Arabian Sea coast, where Clifton Beach is located, Churna Island, Mohatta Palace Museum, National Museum of Pakistan, PAF Museum, Frere Hall, Safari Park, Aladdin Park, Karachi Zoo, Quaid-e-Azam House, Pakistan Maritime Museum, Manora Island, Masjid-e-Toob, Quaid-e-Azam House, Pakistan Maritime Museum, Manora Island, Masjid and many other places. 


Islamabad To Karachi Flights

If you live in Islamabad or near, and want to visit Karachi through flight, then you will get much of the information about flights here. Our website Trips.pk is based on the information about airlines, flights, visas and all other things which you need while travelin. Three airlines offer flights from Islamabad to Karachi which are Pakistan International Airlines, AirBlue and Serene Air. Unfortunately, at this time you can book their tickets only on their official websites. (Also Check for the Flights from Islamabad to Lahore). The airports involved in this trip are ISB- Islamabad International Airport, Islamabad and KHI- Jinnah International Airport, Karachi.

Islamabad to Karachi Flight Ticket Price

Get Islamabad to Karachi cheap flights can vary depending on various factors such as the airline, class, and time of booking. On average, the price of different airlines like PIA, Serene, or Airblue are discuss below.

Ticket Price of PIA Flights from Islamabad to Karachi (ISB to KHI):

PIA is satisfactory airline which daily sends more than 2 non-stop flights from Islamabad to Karachi. PIA flights schedule has several flights having different time durations of each flight. The airfare charges about Rs. 27,815 and takes minimum time i.e. 1 hour 55 minutes. There are some other one-stop flights also, which may have their stop in Lahore/ Sukkur/ Quetta/ Multan and take significantly more time than direct flights. Have a safe and Cheap Flights from Islamabad to Lahore at cheap rates just with PIE.

Islamabad to Karachi (ISB to KHI) Serene Airline Ticket Price Today:

Serene Air is the airline working only within Pakistan i.e. No international flights. It is a very facilitative airline which sends more than 3 non-stop flights every day of the week from Islamabad to Karachi. They take the time of 2 hours on this journey. Non-stop Serene Air Flight Ticket Prices are between Rs. 16,000 and 19,750. There are some other one-stop flights also which stay in Quetta in between the journey.

Air Blue Flights Today from Islamabad to Karachi Ticket Prices:

AirBlue is also a facilitative airline which serves in both domestic and international destinations. It daily sends its one or more non-stop flights from Islamabad to Karachi, which you can find and book a ticket on their website (tickets expire 30 days after the flight date. Then they are useless and can’t be refunded even). AirBlue flights take about 2 hours 10 minutes in this journey. Prices start from Rs. 32,140.
Note: All the ticket prices are the Economy Class Prices and are applicable to roundtrip of a single adult person.

Online Flight Booking Islamabad to Karachi

Here is a step-by-step guide to help you book your Islamabad to Karachi flight tickets online:
1. Choose Your Airlines
Begin by selecting your preferred airline. Enter "ISL" for Islamabad in the origin section and "KHI" for Karachi in the destination section.
2. Ticket Type
Next, choose the type of ticket you wish to book. You have three options: return, one-way, or multi-destination.
3. Select Your Departure Date
If you're booking a return ticket, remember to select both your departure and arrival dates. This ensures your trip is perfectly aligned with your plans.
4. Traveling Companions
Indicate whether you'll be traveling alone or with your family. If it's a family trip, specify the number of adults, children, or infants joining you.
5. Cabin Class
Now, select your preferred cabin class: economy, business, or first class. Tailor your flight experience to your comfort.
6. Flexibility Options
Tick the flexible search option to explore alternative travel dates beyond your initial choice. This feature can uncover cost-saving options and adjust your itinerary.
7. Initiate the Search
Once you've made all the selections, hit the "Search" button. Our system will swiftly present you with a list of all the flights departing from Islamabad to Karachi on your chosen date.
8. Price Comparison
Easily compare ticket prices from various airlines on a single page. Find the best deal that suits your budget.
9. Secure Your Booking
When you've found your desired Islamabad to Karachi flight, click the "Book" button adjacent to the ticket. You're almost there!
10. Enter Your Details
Provide your essential details: name, address, phone number, email ID, and any other necessary information.
11. Confirmation
After we receive your details, our agents will contact you to complete the booking process. Rest assured, we're here to assist you every step of the way.

Islamabad to Karachi Flights Schedule

The started flights between Islamabad and Karachi. The first flight leaves at 8:00 AM. The last flight from Islamabad to Karachi departs at 10:05 PM. You can check our Islamabad to Karachi flight schedule on trips.pk for free, no need to sign in. If you need to fly to Karachi on short notice, you can search for Islamabad to Karachi flights today, but it might cost more. If you book a flight close to departure time, it could be as high as Rs. 33000. We don't add extra fees to our flight prices to keep things simple for you.

Islamabad to Karachi Flight Time

The flight time from Islamabad to Karachi varies depending on the airline and route, but it typically takes around 2 to 2.5 hours.

Islamabad to Karachi Flight Status

To check the flight status from Islamabad to Karachi, you can visit the official website of the airline you are flying with or use a flight tracking website or app. These platforms provide real-time information on departure and arrival times, delays, and other relevant flight details.


How much time does it take to fly from Islamabad to Karachi?
It takes 2 hour / 2.5 hour to travel from Islamabad to Karachi. 
What is the price of a ticket from Karachi to Islamabad?
One-way flights from Karachi to Islamabad cost on average Rs: 11, 641 whereas the cost of around way flight from Karachi to Islamabad averages Rs: 16,605.
In Pakistan, which airline is the cheapest?
Air blue Limited (air blue) is a Pakistani low-cost carrier. Jinnah International Airport (KHI) in Karachi serves as its hub. Islamabad, Lahore, Multan, and Peshawar are among the cities served by the airline.
Is Flights Open in Pakistan?
At all Pakistani airports, domestic flight operations have resumed. Domestic air travel in Pakistan will require a full course of the Covid-19 vaccine starting October 1st for passengers aged 18 and up.

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