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Pakistan has total 990km of coastline which contains many marine life known as cetaceans. The abundance, diversity and distribution of marine life is not very well known as most historic figures are providing through opportunistic occurrences or bycatch through fisheries fish nets which have become major problem for formulation any proper cetacean conservation strategy in Pakistan. Book best Dolphine view beach in Pakistan.
Pakistan is reported to have 22 types of cetaceans species (dolphins, whales and porpoises) among Pakistani coastal waters including dolphins, 18 toothed whales,3 baleen whales and porpoise.  
There are 3 endangered species being blue Whale, Arabian sea humpback whale and Indian ocean humpback dolphin while 2 species are termed vulnerable such as sperm whale and finless porpoise and 13 other species listed being data deficient.

Arabian Sea Humpback Whale:

The Arabian sea humpback Whale is known locally as “Karambo”. According to United State Endangered species Act the Arabian sea humpback whale is an endangered species and is at high risk of extinction. There have been total of 74 cumulative sightings from 2015-2019.

Blue Whale:

The blue whale has been sighted 67 times from 2012 to 2019. The blue whale is known to be resident of Pakistan coastal areas.

Bryde’s Whale:

There are two species of these whale the pygmy sperm whale and dwarf sperm whale. Information regarding both species is not well kwnon worldwide due to their deep offshore living habitat and shy nature. 
The dwarf sperm whale was captured in the year 2013 in fishing net. First recorded occurrence of pygmy sperm whale is from 1985 but was confirmed through bycatch twice.

Killer whale :

The killer whale is rare species to be sighted along Pakistan coastal area. A Killer whale pod was spotted in the year 2012 and recently one was reported in year 2020. 

Indian Ocean Humpback dolphin:

The whale is known to be endangered species found along the coastline of Pakistan. A total of 112 of these dolphins have been sighted in Sindh province along Indus coastal area. In Balochistan coastal area only 36 dolphin sighting in Sonmiani bay and Miani Hor have been recorded.


Bottlenose Dolphin:

These dolphins are known to be found from various water sources, its mainly found in Balochistan deep offshore area and the Indo pacific dolphin along Pakistan inshore water areas. 

Long beaked, Risso and rough toothed Dolphin:

There have been known to be 5 sighting of Risso dolphins from the year 2003-2009 along Balochistan coastal area along with three bycatches incidents in the year 2014. 
Striped, spinner and Pantropical spotted dolphin.
These dolphins have been distributed among the Indian ocean. There have been two recorded event comprising of 9 groups having 923 population in the year 2003 along with recording of 12 groups having 2535 population have been recorded through survey from 2005 to 2008. These specials have been recorded along Balochistan province coast. 

Finless Porpoise:

These porpoises have mostly been encountered along entire Pakistna coastline. These porpoises have been reported in Indus river upstream areas and during winter they are found in inshore areas while in summer they are found in offshore areas. 

Unidentified Species:

The Bryde whale has been known to be misidentifies for Sei whale by bycathers while some specimen of finless porpoise was misidentified as Risso dolphin in local Pakistan newspaper. There have been total of 16 sighting of some animals in survey from 2005 to 2009 that have not been successfully identified. Baleeen whales have been frequently sighted from 2012 to 2020. 
There have been reported sightings of Melan headed dolphin, Omura’s whale and Fin whale along Pakistan coastal waters but their species may not have been identified correctly. 
Resident Areas of Dolphine in Balochistan Province

Miani Hor:

Miani Hor is a lagoon located at approximately 95 km from north west side of Karachi and located at north of Sonmiani bay. The area is surrounded by sand dunes, water, mangroves and is resident area for flamingos and Indian ocean humpback dolphins. 
The area is densely covered by mangrove forests and is habitat for hundreds species of fish, shrimps, crabs and mollusks.

Sonmiani Beach:

The Sonmiani beach is a popular tourists attraction for Pakistan people. It is about 2 hours drive from Karachi. There are variety of activities you can enjoy at the beautiful beach. You will have to get permission from Pakistan Navy supervision in order to avail the tourist Hut facilities like TV, bed, chair, fan, cupboard and bathroom. 
Tourists can enjoy camel ride, boat ride, beach buggy and bonfire bbq with their family and friends. You may also catch glimpse of dolphins in the area as well. 

Ormara Beach:

The Ormara beach lies among the Makran coastal highway and is approximately 360 km west side of Karachi. Tourists can enjoy the beautiful beach with their family. This place offers amazing scenery for photographers, beautiful sunset and sunrise. You can enjoy bonfire BBQ, camping, expedition, hiking, among others things.
You can also view dolphins among the area as they are residents and can mostly viewed throughout the year. Book best Ormara besch tour packages.

Jiwani Beach:

The Jiwani beach is another one of the hidden gems of Baluchistan. This is a popular turtle nesting site among the area. The area is visited by many tourist and travelers and is known for its fishing and boating. You may also catch view of dolphins in the area. 

Kund Malir Beach:

The Kund Malir beach is another one of the popular tourists destination that is located 150km approximately from Karachi. The area lies on Makran coastal road. There are various activities that you can enjoy here like camping, hiking, swimming, diving, sight seeing, among others. Kund Malir beach Dolphin view packages.
You can view dolphins in the area as well as this place is known to dolphin residential area and they can be viewed through the year. Other popular attractions of the area are the Nani Mandir, princess of hope and Sphinx located nearby. 

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