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25-Apr-2022 538

According to a recent report, the Ministry of Hajj & Umrah Saudi Arabia has announced that the Umrah visa validity is to be provided to Umah pilgrims coming to Saudi Arabia until 28th of April 2022. Book Shawal Umra packages from Lahore.

Umrah Visa :

People who are planning to do Umrah in the holy month of Shawaal and Ramadaan must act quickly and get their Umrah visa approved so that they don’t miss this great opportunity of a lifetime.
The recent news regarding validity comes as quite a surprise given that the government of Saudi Arabia’s Hajj and & Umrah ministry has successfully enabled over four million pilgrims to carry out the blessed act of Umrah in the initial first twenty Ramadan days. 

Umrah Pilgrims Provided Best Services and Security:

The Government of Saudi Arabia’s Crows and Tafweej management department has left no stone unturned to provide all comfort for the worshipers and pilgrims arriving in the Grand Mosque while maintaining high safety and security for all visitors.
According to a statement by Undersecretary-General, Mr. Osama Al-Hujaili for Saudi Arabia’s Crows and Tafweej management, 4,200,000 worshiping pilgrims have been facilitated for entry towards the Grand Mosque under strict precautionary steps and measures.
The Undersecretary-General also stated that their department is trying its best to provide the best services for the need of the worshipers and pilgrims by providing paths for people with disabilities and the elderly while requesting worshipers to comply with the Tawakkalna and Eatmarna designated timings. 
The Undersecretary general also expressed that all Saudi Arabia's concerned authorities are putting their complete capabilities and effort into serving the visiting pilgrims during the holy month of Ramadan.  

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