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Pakistan’s Northern areas seem to have a heaven on earth. The northern areas of Pakistan are replete with the beautiful spots that offer great charms and offers the long-lasting memories to the visitors. Just imagine that you are passing through a road which is surrounded by the highest mountains and after passing every little area you are finding greenery, lakes of crystal clear water, miraculous waterfalls, glaciers, and beautiful villages, then what else do you want to have to get a memorable travel experience? 
Those who are trying to arrange their tours in this summer season they are suggested to plan a Khunjerab Pass Tour to experience the real charms and marvels of nature. comes with the complete description and Khunjerab Pass Tour Guide that how you can implement your tour and what places you can explore while travelling through Khunjerab pass. 

Places To Visit In Khunjerab

Khunjerab pass is elevated as 4,693 meters or 15,397 feet and it is located at Hunza Valley, Pakistan near Gilgit–Baltistan / Xinjiang, China. The pass is traversed by Karakoram Highway. Following are the places one must have to visit while passing through Khunjerab pass
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Altit & Baltit Fort: This is one of the oldest forts not only in Pakistan but over the world it can be considered as the ancient fort which was found in the 8th century. The place shows the ancient heritage and culture and it is the best place for those having the interest to explore the ancient history and heritage of Pakistan. 
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Attabad Lake: The Lake is located at Gonjal valley Hunza Gilgit Baltistan. The lake came into existence as the result of the Attabad disaster in 2010. Now, it is considered one of the most attractive tourist spots throughout Gilgit Baltistan and offers the visitors a number of activities to do like boating, jet skiing, fishing, and some other recreational activities you can do there. 
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Rakaposhi Peak: It is a mountain in the Karakoram mountain range located at the Gilgit Baltistan territory of Pakistan. The place offers the activity of hiking and people not only from Pakistan but throughout the world come to do hiking activities at Rakaposhi Peak
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Sost Border: Sost border is located in Sost village in Gojal, Upper Hunza, and Gilgit Baltistan, Pakistan. It is a boundary line to China and has become one of the main tourist attractions in Hunza valley. Every year thousands of visitors go to explore this beautiful place.   
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Rush Lake: It is one of the most beautiful lakes of Pakistan and is located near Rush Pari Peak, Gilgit-Baltistan, Pakistan. The lake is surrounded by mountains and has crystal clear water. Khunjerab pass tour allows visitors to see this natures’ marvel while spending their wonderful time there. 

Get the Best Khunjerab Pass Tour Packages: 

Those who are planning to visit Khunjerab Pass in this summer season to see all these above mentioned and some other natures’ marvel are invited by to book their tour today. We come with the best and affordable Khunjerab Pass Tour Package 2020
Here you are provided a variety of tours including Lahore to Khunjerab Pass Tour Plan, Islamabad to Khunjerab Pass Tour, and many others. Moreover, if you have any suggestions and any custom tour plan then contact us today for further consultancy. In the end, you are offered best wishes for your memorable tour. So, get ready to explore the real charms and marvels of nature in this summer season.

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