Good news, the Saudi Ministry of Hajj & Umrah has recently assured Pakistan’s Ministry of Hajj to restore Pakistan’s 2023 Hajj quota to pre-pandemic level of 179,210 hajj pilgrims. Moreover, Pakistan’s ministry of Hajj hopes to reduce the price of Hajj expenses to 6.50 lakh rupees. Hajj packages 2022.

No More Age Limitations:

The Saudi ministry of Hajj & Umrah has also announced the removal of all kinds of age limitations for the Hajj 2023 program, along with no PCR test requirements. Although, you will still need to be clear of yellow fever and meningitis and need covid 19 vaccination certificate. 
The Saudi Hajj Ministry are taking special steps to facilitate as much hajj pilgrims for Hajj 2023 session as they can. Furthermore, woman pilgrims won’t need to have mahram to carryout Hajj 2023.  
You will be required to undertake a Pfizer booster dose if you have taken two shots of Chinese vaccines, such as Sinovac and Sinopharm. However, if you have taken doses and a booster shot of Saudi-approved covid vaccines, you will not need to undertake any additional vaccine shots. 

Pakistan Hajj 2023 Policy Finalization:

Pakistan’s ministry of Hajj will finalize the Hajj 2023 program policy in January 2023, which is expected during the Hajj Expo 2023, which will be taking place from 9th- 12th January 2023. Moreover, the Saudi Hajj ministry will start accepting hajj applications from January 2023. 

Hajj 2023 Applications:

The Saudi Arabia Hajj ministry has announced that Hajj pilgrims will start to arrive in the kingdom from 1st Dhul Qadah (22nd May 2023). Furthermore, the ministry has clarified that all contractual obligations made by accredited travel operators must be concluded by 15th Shaban 1444(15th March 2023). 
According to Saudi Arabia’s Ministry of Hajj & Umrah, all hajj pilgrimages must depart from the kingdom from 15th Dhul Hijja (3rd July 2023). Furthermore, the Ministry of Hajj has clarified that there will be no free Hajj allowed for any government employee and has requested Pakistan’s government to provide details of 650 pilgrims who availed of free Hajj facility last year.

Hajj Expo 2023:

The Saudi government is going to hold its 3rd conference and exhibition called “Hajj Expo 2023” from 9th to 12th of January. The first hajj conference, which was held in 2021, was a huge success due to 115 agreements and an attendance of 45,000 people. 
The Hajj Expo 2023 is influential as it will be attended by various international delegates comprising more than 56 countries, and there is an expectation of closing down 400 contract agreements concerning Hajj and Umrah with various international partners.
The Saudi Arabian government is making preparations for hosting the Hajj and Umrah services exhibition and conference next year in January 2022. The expo aims to unite various entrepreneurs, researchers, decision-makers, and innovators under a single-roof location in Jeddah. 
The exhibition and conference will include 10 main sessions, 36 workshops, “Hajj Talk” sessions, 13-panel discussion, and various other activies and events aimed at improving the Hajj & Umrah services. Book latest best Umrah packages.
The conference aims to make an impact on the quality of Hajj and Umrah services that pilgrims enjoy while improving their overall cultural and religious experiences. Moreover, the conference is an important part of Saudi vision 2030 under the Pilgrim Experience program.
The Hajj expo will feature various programs, initiatives, workshops, and program schemes concerning achieving sustainability and service excellence for visiting pilgrims. Moreover, the hajj 2023 expo conference will discuss various proposals and ideas for developing technical solutions and infrastructure to guarantee the rehabilitation of historical and religious sites. 
Various activities and events, along with the Hajj 2023 expo, will take place under the presence of various Saudi Islamic affairs ministers, hajj officials, consulates, ambassadors, and private and public sector pilgrims’ agency officers. 
The Hajj 2023 expo's major focus will be on discussions concerning technology and digital transformation upgrades, with the major focus on building strong partnerships with key non-profit, private and public sector stakeholders.